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5360 Donald Ross Rd #105
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

(561) 203-2034
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Monday4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Never floated? Get 60 Minutes Of Introductory Blissful Floating


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BASIC | $65/mo

One 60 Minute Float/month (+1 shared user)

PLUS | $110/mo

Two 60 Minute Floats/month (+2 shared users)

PREMIUM | $200/mo

Four 60 Minute Floats/month (+4 shared users)



Epsom Salts are great for your skin, hair, nails, and act as an exfoliate. They aid in joint pain, ease stress, and naturally relax the body. Magnesium (commonly missing from our diets) is absorbed through the skin, while Sulfate eliminates toxins and heavy metals, naturally detoxing the body.


Welcome to floating, which can provide up to 100% pain relief. The spine naturally elongates and straightens, and the body undergoes the same regeneration process that transpires during sleep. Lactic acid is drained from the muscles, reducing soreness and recovery time.


Taking an hour of alone time (meditation), will decrease the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, leaving us feeling refreshed and serene after the float. The brain enters an elusive theta brain-wave state, associated with deep sleep and dreaming.


The near-weightless environment of floating allows for the muscles and joints of the body to relax, increasing blood flow and helping to more quickly repair muscle tissues and heal the body.


Floating gives your immune system the opportunity to shift into a higher gear and our bodies physically rest and recover more quickly in a floatation tank, up to four times faster, in fact. This means that you can train yourself harder and reap the benefits of slower recovery times with the use of a float tank.


The lack of external stimuli is extremely rare in modern society. Floating offers and unparalleled psychological benefit of a feeling of inner peace, and is a perfect complement to many alternative wellness regimens.


Sensory deprivation allows the mind to enter into the theta state supporting an increase in feelings of creativity, improved sleep patterns and incredible feelings of euphoria and mental relaxation.



If you’re looking for a satisfying career in total body therapy, relaxation and pain relief, we’re looking for you! Join the True REST community.


My boyfriend and I had wanted to try float therapy for a long time and really enjoyed our experience here!!! It was very relaxing and a great new and unique experience. The staff was so kind and professional, facility was very clean and relaxing, overall a great experience! I would highly recommend especially at this location.
Cecily Smith
Cecily Smith
18:38 25 Oct 20
Sore muscles? Tired? Mind won't stop wandering? I went for all these reasons. The experience was high quality: private room with shower - super clean and sanitized. Because the float chamber is large you do not feel claustrophobic. It was incredibly relaxing and beneficial. I slept soundly that night and my sore muscles and arthritis felt improvement. I now go monthly and feel better each time. Great staff. Tina is the best!
18:35 20 Oct 20
Fantastic first experience floating with True Rest Float Spa! After the float, it felt like I was walking with zero gravity. The sore muscles and my little neck pain I live with were not present at all 🙌🏼 I also enjoyed the oxygen bar they offer post float. They hook you up for a direct aromatherapy experience to further continue your treatment - my fave was lavender!Happy with the customer service, and the progression of the entire appt. Definitely recommend!
Emily Reich
Emily Reich
17:52 03 Oct 20
Awesome experience every time I am there! Clean, relaxing and professional! Plus the people are amazing!
FnOFF - Fat n Old Fart Flyer
FnOFF - Fat n Old Fart Flyer
22:23 19 Sep 20
My wife took as appearantly I'm too stressed in life. I will give anything a solid try, and so I did with this. That staff and facility are top notch, super clean and friendly. The experience itself was something different. I'm not a yogi nor do meditation, so im not sure what level of relaxation I reached. But I can say it was a great experience to get out of this technological age and just be able to reset for an hour. No lights, no sounds, nothing to look at and nothing to do. I am going to schedule a follow up and give it another try to achieve a deeper state of relaxation.
Zachary Gallagher
Zachary Gallagher
01:58 14 Sep 20
Love floating. Peaceful, easy feeling...Relax, renew, get back to "you!"
Angela Crawford
Angela Crawford
02:04 05 Sep 20
Destination relaxion! I don’t say this all the time but you are completely missing out if you have not tried the sensory deprivation pods in Palm Beach Gardens! It is a one-of-a-kind experience. Their staff is phenomenal: professional and educational on the science. They provide everything you need from towels, to shampoo and conditioner, even hair dryers and contact solution! There are complimentary aroma therapy towels, hot tea/cold water and a relaxing oxygen bar to boot! They are so kind to answer any questions you may have and even have an introduction video as well. Once you try it, you will be hooked. I know I am. Super affordable monthly plans or package deals!
Kori Pollock
Kori Pollock
20:33 25 Aug 20
This is a great place I was sleep in the float. Relaxing, cleaned, rejuvenated. Treat yourself you will be 😊
Rosland Severance
Rosland Severance
14:40 25 Aug 20
My husband and I went here for a float and our experience was EXCEPTIONAL!! The owner himself came and spoke with us, Alyssa was a sweetheart and explained everything perfectly! Although it was my second time getting a float it was my husband's first time and he felt extremely comfortable. Needless to say we cannot wait to come back! Thank you !!
03:11 16 Aug 20
My first time going I was greeted by Kelly.she had me sit and watch a video that was informative. I then was guide to my room and got ready! I was a bit skeptic think it may be diluted yet I was still curious to try! Within 5 minutes I felt the bath water concentration. With 30 minutes I felt the detoxification within myself! The hour is well worth it, looking forward to observing the benefits days after. The experience is healing if you need to relax and giving yourself self care! This space is necessary! Definitely coming back!
Candace Purcell
Candace Purcell
01:13 15 Aug 20
First time experience and it was well worth it! I highly recommend this, especially for those who want to get into a mediated state.
Joseph Lepore
Joseph Lepore
16:04 01 Aug 20
First time to a float spa experience and we loved it. Can't wait to go back! Very relaxing and enjoying ⭐🏆
Taunya Finney
Taunya Finney
19:24 21 Jul 20
This place is amazing!! It’s so beautiful & peaceful from the moment you walk in. The owner is so friendly and helpful and will walk you through the whole process. I suffer from anxiety & panic attacks and floating regularly is the only thing I have found to help. One time I came in with a sore back and neck (I must have slept wrong or something) and I left pain free it was incredible! I am so grateful for this company, they have literally changed my life!!
Allison Ruge
Allison Ruge
03:07 15 Jul 20
Truly an awesome experience! Matt was super informative and helpful! Felt like I went to another dimension while I was floating. Would definitely do it again and recommend to everyone. Super relaxed after it was crazy!
Tarcisio Nascimento
Tarcisio Nascimento
16:21 29 Jun 20
I brought my hubby here for his birthday and All I can say is WOW! I wasn’t initially gonna do the float session because it was just a little treat I booked as a part of his gift but after watching the introduction video, I was HOOKED! I didn’t know how much my body needed this because I walked out of there floating! The float tank was very nice and clean, the water was a perfect temperature, and the oxygen bar and cup of tea after the session was a great touch! This is something that I will be doing OFTEN! Such a nice treat for yourself or a loved one. The gift of RELAXATION (:
Emilly Zenteno
Emilly Zenteno
01:08 20 Jun 20
What a warm and inviting experience and I'm not even talking about the tank itself which was of course both of those things. I thought I would give float therapy a try for stress management and learning to let go. Meditation was only taking me so far and this had been recommended to me as a way to deepen my meditation practice. My first visit included an in depth explanation of how it all works and it was a wonderful experience. Other customers who were there at the same time also raved about the benefits they had experienced since starting float therapy. I noticed after my float that all my back pain had gone away, and that's not even why I went - so an unexpected extra benefit! I highly recommend.
Leslie Morris
Leslie Morris
13:42 19 Jun 20
360 View Photography .
360 View Photography .
13:34 12 Jun 20
Kaitlyn Bur
Kaitlyn Bur
13:02 24 Mar 19
Love Jackie. Great wines and great food.
Liz Oliver
Liz Oliver
20:11 09 Mar 19