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Monday3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Wednesday9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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Epsom Salts are great for your skin, hair, nails, and act as an exfoliate. They aid in joint pain, ease stress, and naturally relax the body. Magnesium (commonly missing from our diets) is absorbed through the skin, while Sulfate eliminates toxins and heavy metals, naturally detoxing the body.


Welcome to floating, which can provide up to 100% pain relief. The spine naturally elongates and straightens, and the body undergoes the same regeneration process that transpires during sleep. Lactic acid is drained from the muscles, reducing soreness and recovery time.


Taking an hour of alone time (meditation), will decrease the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, leaving us feeling refreshed and serene after the float. The brain enters an elusive theta brain-wave state, associated with deep sleep and dreaming.


The near-weightless environment of floating allows for the muscles and joints of the body to relax, increasing blood flow and helping to more quickly repair muscle tissues and heal the body.


Floating gives your immune system the opportunity to shift into a higher gear and our bodies physically rest and recover more quickly in a floatation tank, up to four times faster, in fact. This means that you can train yourself harder and reap the benefits of slower recovery times with the use of a float tank.


The lack of external stimuli is extremely rare in modern society. Floating offers and unparalleled psychological benefit of a feeling of inner peace, and is a perfect complement to many alternative wellness regimens.


Sensory deprivation allows the mind to enter into the theta state supporting an increase in feelings of creativity, improved sleep patterns and incredible feelings of euphoria and mental relaxation.



If you’re looking for a satisfying career in total body therapy, relaxation and pain relief, we’re looking for you! Join the True REST community.


This was an amazing and awesome experience. Glo was so professional and knowledgeable about the business and experience. The float was more that the video shows. I had told my coworkers about trying the float even before I tried it. I will float at least twice a month. It is a much needed pampering for the busy and stress in my life. It is also a good mindfulness spa.
Kevin Coppage
Kevin Coppage
22:41 11 Nov 20
A MUST!Trying something for the first time I think we all agree that it is either really great or, well, not so great. Our experience was so wonderful that we came back a second time! Any concerns or questions you have will be answered up front - the staff and facility overall are amazing. We had the opportunity to work with Daniel on both of our visits - there are not enough characters to express how knowledgeable, kind, and professional he is. After floating for an hour I felt like I had 3 hours of peace and true rest (I get the name now haha). After your float you can enjoy the aromatherapy oxygen bar and some delicious organic tea - the one they have right now tastes like Thanksgiving! This is a stressful time, I am sure you feel it - and if you are shaking your head yes right now, go get your float on!
Jaylene Bair
Jaylene Bair
13:32 21 Oct 20
This was overall such a great experience. The atmosphere was nice, everything was so neat and clean. The pod itself was insanely clean. Floating was such a peaceful, wonderful experience. I have an eight month old and I didn’t realize how strenuous it was on my body. When I got in, I felt all the pressure I had in my arms, back, and hips. But after awhile in there, I was so relaxed and at ease. I have never done anything like this before but I will be doing it again. Definitely treat yourself to this, you won’t regret it!
Brittany Lucas
Brittany Lucas
01:20 18 Oct 20
This was my first time floating with the company, but it will not be the last. Each room has a private shower so that you can rinse off before and after your session. They provide everything from shampoo and conditioner to hair dryers and combs so you do not need to bring anything with you unless you want to. The session started with a quick video to familiarize me with the pod and what to expect while floating. During that time you are offered a listing of different music to listen to at the beginning of your float. Depending on the selection, the music can be set to play for different lengths of time. Once I got in, I have to admit, my first thought was that it seemed like a long time to float around in the dark; however, that quickly turned to thinking the session was over a lot faster than I thought. Towards the end of your float the interior light will come back on, if you turned it off, and music will start to play to let you know that your time is coming to an end. After you rinse off you are offered the chance to relax in a little lounge area and enjoy some water or tea and if you would like the oxygen bar, which has different scents available. Over all it was a very pleasant experience that I am looking forward to trying again.
Darren Vallance
Darren Vallance
09:44 03 Oct 20
YES! I've been waiting for years for Cary to get a float spa, and wouldn't you know, they have the best float pods of any of the places I've been. This is a top notch experience. Very clean, well appointed setting. Thoughtful, helpful staff. Can't wait to bring guests to share the opportunity to unplug for a while.
Dan Bedard
Dan Bedard
01:23 18 Sep 20
Hooray for floating! I’ve wanted to do this for so long and a referral from a client who raved about it was just the reminder I needed. 🙂 Facilities were clean, calm and quiet. The tank itself didn’t make me feel claustrophobic at all, which was a pleasant surprise. It was so cool to be weightless for an hour, even with this lion’s mane of heavy hair. The only tip I’ll recommend to people as caffeine sensitive as I am is to go about your morning routine. My appt was at 1 and I avoided caffeine beforehand as suggested and could hear my headache pounding, which was the biggest distraction for me to fully zone out and maximize the benefits. But now I know for next time, which I’ve already booked :)Go float! Go relax! 😌
Kelly Giglio
Kelly Giglio
19:21 16 Sep 20
I had my first float experience this evening and I have to say I am blown away! The facility itself is very nice, the atmosphere is built to be a relaxing space from the second you walk in the door. I went in a little skeptical of what it would be like and I walked out with a membership. I feel better walking out now than I do after a massage. The lady working there tonight, I believe her name was Catrina, was expert in her introduction to how it all worked, super friendly and has such a relaxing persona and voice. If I could give this rating more stars I would.
Chris Hurst
Chris Hurst
02:17 07 Sep 20
The first time my husband and I floated we fell in love with it so we became members and booked another exactly a month later and an hour before our float was scheduled, I started my cycle, making me unable to float. But the staff was very understanding and offered me other relaxing activities while my husband floated and I waited. I chose to color in the adult coloring books and had a very relaxing visit. Once my husband finished his float, he joined me in the oxygen bar area where the employee turned on the oxygen for both of us. The staff is all very nice, and helpful. She brought us water and tea. Overall, an amazing experience and I can't wait to schedule our next float. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking to decompress and destress.
Shelby Proctor
Shelby Proctor
22:25 28 Aug 20
An amazing experience. Ultra relaxing. You can actually feel your stress and pain floating away. Can't wait until my next session.
Sharon Gilmore
Sharon Gilmore
00:40 28 Aug 20
Very clean with a spa setting. The staff was very informative and made us feel welcome and comfortable for our first float. It was an amazing experience that we look forward to again. Thank you!
Mary Gowland
Mary Gowland
15:54 10 Aug 20
Katrina is amazing- so kind and helpful! The experience was incredible, the facility is clean and modern but still relaxing. The float was definitely a different experience for me and once I got over being anxious about being in the water it became more enjoyable. I left the lights on for half of the float and then turned them off, I think floating in the dark is better. I ended up getting a membership with my friend so we can come back each month!
Eden Spencer
Eden Spencer
15:22 06 Aug 20
I had a fantastic experience today at True Rest Float Spa! The staff are extremely professional and knowledge. The place itself is clean and inviting. It was an hour of pure relaxation. I have been wanting to experience this for a long time and I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to go back!
Kelly Russell
Kelly Russell
19:39 04 Aug 20
This place was the most amazing relaxing place that I have experienced. I felt like I was floating on a cloud while I was in the tranquility pod. Your body is cradled in 100 lbs of Epsom salt and water. While I was in the pod I got a chance to let go for awhile and meditate on what my projected goals are in the future. It is a must for complete body relaxation. Go try it for yourself with a open mind.
Tarshia Edwards
Tarshia Edwards
03:21 31 Jul 20
Nice facility with pleasant staff. Floating is a great way to relax and reduce stress. I was so excited a float spa finally came to Cary. I recommend checking this place out! I loved it and will be back.
Heather-Sue Cribb
Heather-Sue Cribb
17:00 26 Jul 20
What a wonderful experience!!! Staff was awesome. Katrina (hope this was her name.. I tried hard to remember) was my staff person and she was amazing. She answered all my questions and made me feel like I was her top priority!! Thank you for the amazing experience!! ❤️
gray taylor
gray taylor
23:33 25 Jul 20
This was an incredibly relaxing experience that melts stress away in your own private oasis! Can't wait to go back!
Elaine Hope Poulin
Elaine Hope Poulin
21:33 25 Jul 20