Whole Veteran Act Seeks Alternative Therapies for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

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On October 20, the Whole Veteran Act (H.R.2359) was sent to the desk of the President. If signed into law, this Act signifies a considerable shift in how that nation approaches our veterans’ health and wellness, especially their mental health. The Whole Veteran Act would require the Department of Veteran Affairs to report on the implementation of its whole health approach to health care. The report must include an analysis of the accessibility and availability of various alternative and holistic services for veterans, including float therapy.

According to The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, PTSD is exceptionally prevalent among veterans, especially post 9/11. There is currently an estimated 10-20% of veterans who have PTSD and other mental/physical challenges from combat. The Whole Veteran Act focuses on helping those work through their pain with a holistic approach.

The fact is combat today is vastly different than it was 40-50 years ago. The new level of warfare has increased the trauma, and emotional toll combat has on our service members. As military members return home, they may suffer from physical and mental health problems and disabilities. Often, veterans are treated with powerful prescription medication for their injuries. Unfortunately, over time, veterans can become dependent on these medications and form addictions.

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise among veterans. Despite numerous VA and other agencies’ innumerable attempts over the past two decades to reduce problematic substance abuse, rates of substance abuse disorders, or SUDs, continue to rise. SUDs are associated with significant negative correlates, including PTSD, anxiety, depression and increased rates of suicidal ideation and attempts. Given the harmful associations with SUDs, finding an alternative solution is quite literally a matter of life and death.

Fortunately, veterans can turn to float therapy. Scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of float therapy on reducing stress and anxiety and treating the symptoms of PTSD. And, at True REST Float Spa, veterans float free on the 11th day of the month, every month.

True REST Float Spa has always been committed to the wellbeing of our service members. Since 2014, True REST has donated nearly 5,000 free floats to military servicemen and servicewomen. On Veterans Day, November 11, True REST Float Spa will be closing their doors to the public to better serve veterans and active duty military members. True REST Float Spas across the country will provide a full day of free 60-minute float therapy sessions, which are scientifically proven to treat and manage the symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, depression and PTSD safely and holistically.

For more information on True REST’s commitment to the military, or to book your appointment, visit https://www.truerest.com/veterans/.

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