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Epsom Salts are great for your skin, hair, nails, and act as an exfoliate. They aid in joint pain, ease stress, and naturally relax the body. Magnesium (commonly missing from our diets) is absorbed through the skin, while Sulfate eliminates toxins and heavy metals, naturally detoxing the body.


Welcome to floating, which can provide up to 100% pain relief. The spine naturally elongates and straightens, and the body undergoes the same regeneration process that transpires during sleep. Lactic acid is drained from the muscles, reducing soreness and recovery time.


Taking an hour of alone time (meditation), will decrease the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, leaving us feeling refreshed and serene after the float. The brain enters an elusive theta brain-wave state, associated with deep sleep and dreaming.


The near-weightless environment of floating allows for the muscles and joints of the body to relax, increasing blood flow and helping to more quickly repair muscle tissues and heal the body.


Floating gives your immune system the opportunity to shift into a higher gear and our bodies physically rest and recover more quickly in a floatation tank, up to four times faster, in fact. This means that you can train yourself harder and reap the benefits of slower recovery times with the use of a float tank.


The lack of external stimuli is extremely rare in modern society. Floating offers and unparalleled psychological benefit of a feeling of inner peace, and is a perfect complement to many alternative wellness regimens.


Sensory deprivation allows the mind to enter into the theta state supporting an increase in feelings of creativity, improved sleep patterns and incredible feelings of euphoria and mental relaxation.



If you’re looking for a satisfying career in total body therapy, relaxation and pain relief, we’re looking for you! Join the True REST community.


  • Awesome staff. Beautiful facility. Overall great experience ❤
    Kimmi Brooks
    Kimmi Brooks
    23:56 06 Apr 18
    This spa is amazing, from the cleanliness to the customer service. I wouldn’t recommend any other place to float. It is the best place to go if you are looking to unwind and meditate or even just a few minutes of oxygen. I hope they get the 5 stars they are deserving of.
    Braelyn Urioste
    Braelyn Urioste
    07:43 06 Apr 18
    Been there twice. Really enjoyed it. Very relaxing. The employees were awesome and helpful. It's a little expensive and far from my house. I would float more often if it wasn't for that.
    Randy Chafe'
    Randy Chafe'
    02:22 21 Mar 18
    Had a great time! Felt like I slept for a week! I haven't felt this relaxed in over 13 years!
    Karyl Willison
    Karyl Willison
    01:38 10 Mar 18
    LOve floating! This location is so clean and beautiful! The people who work here are very kind. It is fun hanging with them in the lounge after the float!
    Gina LaBenz
    Gina LaBenz
    06:27 17 Jan 18
    Can’t speak enough on the type of people at this location. Caring, compassionate, and professional. True passion for enhancing people lives through the passion of float. Thank you
    Ryan Irwin
    Ryan Irwin
    03:22 17 Jan 18
    Love this place. Float spa is the best alternative for a massage definitely worth every penny. Quick tip try it at lease twice before you decide it is amazing I promise.
    Liana Guillen
    Liana Guillen
    05:19 16 Jan 18
    Awesome place. It was so good to float, rest and feel an improvement in my mind and body. The place is highly clean and looks COOL, great customer service, and they provide everything you need. I would def. go back.
    Nancy Stillings
    Nancy Stillings
    16:37 08 Jan 18
    I was given a gift card to visit True Rest by a good friend and was told it would be a great experience that would help me rest better and potentially help with some of my nagging aches and pains. I am by nature a skeptical person and didn't have the highest expectations going into it. From the moment I walked in though I was impressed. Grace was working and was extremely helpful giving me a tour of the facility, guiding me through orientation, answering some of my questions and making me feel at ease with the experience. The facility was immaculate and very comfortable. Being the skeptic that I am, it took me a little while to get use to the floating experience, however, after 30 minutes or so I was actually comfortable enough to doze off for a few minutes. As far as my aches and pains are concerned, I had been battling a hurt knee since early in 2017 that has limited my ability to perform strenuous leg work outs. Although, I still can feel the pain I do believe that after my float my knee has felt slightly better. Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely be back for a second visit to see if I can get even more out of the experience.
    Mike T
    Mike T
    04:09 02 Jan 18
    Great company and even better staff. I would recommend this float spa to anyone great way to relax.
    Mike Gonzales
    Mike Gonzales
    15:27 29 Dec 17
    Amazing experience that changed my life! I'm hooked! The staff, the facility, the services all top notch. This was given to me as a gift and I will continue to pass it on as a gift as well. Kyli was the sweetest and helped me get to know the process of it all.
    Stephanie Garcia
    Stephanie Garcia
    04:33 07 Dec 17
    Very great experience. The staff was very nice and I felt very comfortable
    Joshua Lazar
    Joshua Lazar
    23:05 28 Aug 17
    This posted as 1 star and should have been 5. Hopefully this corrects it. No way floating could ever be 1 star. NO WAY floating at the Chandler True Rest Float Spa could be anything less than 5. Jill and John are truely awesome owners and shines through the staff they have on board. My personal experience is nothing short of Awesome. I float once a week and have met the most amazing people. I especially look forward to listening to after-float stories from others that have floated. My #1 stress relief therapy not to mention back/neck pain relief. Come join the awesome community here, you'll be pleased.
    Nathan H Floyd
    Nathan H Floyd
    15:48 08 Aug 17
    A float is well worth the time and money! Each time I begin my float, I begin to relax and go into a deep meditation. Then at the end, all the stress has gone away. I've been to one other facility which is very good but this one tops them all. Jill, a staff member is very knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful to clients. She so far is the best out of all of them!
    Jerry Avanzino
    Jerry Avanzino
    22:07 20 Jun 17
    We uses the groupon for our first float and we loved it! We became members right away and will be floating again soon. Jill and all of the staff are super friendly and awesome people! Dont be nervous, even people with claustrophobia will be fine. This is great for meditation, body pain and stress. Do it, you will love it!
    JT Blue
    JT Blue
    04:04 12 Jun 17
    This has become my new home away from home!! Became a member after very first session. Use it to destress and meditate when I'm feeling out of balance. I love this place and the deep level of relaxation and rejuvenation I receive every time I go in for a float, Helps relieve stress and also good for my migraines. From the float itself to the relaxation room and oxygen bar's the perfect "me" time I look forward to as often as I can go. As a certified Stress Management Coach myself, I started recommending True Rest float spa to ALL my clients!! Highly recommend on so many levels. Also must add...Jill the owner is a sweetheart and helps to enhance your experience with her energy and positive demeanor with a genuine warmth and concern for all their patrons and members. Couldn't recommend any it!!
    Shoshana Hanson
    Shoshana Hanson
    16:59 14 Dec 16