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Give Floats a Chance: The Importance of Deep Relaxation.

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 6th, 2015

We take our cars in for oil changes and our recyclables to the curb—but what about our stress?
So often the insidious, daily buildup of stress and tension is simply left to build until it overflows.
In truth, it’s no wonder, with relaxation rarely celebrated in our culture—often seen as a luxury, or something to be earned, when, in reality relaxation is an important piece of the puzzle!
Our daily stresses might be more subtle, and invisible to outsiders—but we’ve all got them, and we just plain feel better in our bodies and lives when they are regularly released.
And not just once, but as a regular part of wellness maintenance. Just as we don’t wait to change our oil until our engine is damaged, we’ll fare better to regularly maintain our own wellbeing.
We all know the mental heaviness stress brings, but stress is shown time and time again to also cause physical damage when it remains unchecked—all the more reason to nip it in the bud with deep relaxation as it appears.
Creating the time and space for this level of restorative relaxation is something each of us deserve, and impacts us beyond our 60 minutes in a Float Pod.  A float may appear on the surface as “unproductive” , but once you begin floating you’ll likely notice the power of doing nothing—through the many positive ways an hour defying gravity flows into the rest of your week.
Our Float Consultant Stephen said it best: Floating isn’t about gaining, it’s about subtracting—stress, tension, worries pain…
In my own floating experience, I’ve discovered a huge reduction in anxiety—in even the most subtle ways. Shortly after I began floating I found myself in situations where I was accustomed to feeling nervous—and was startled to realize that while I “thought” I should feel jitters, physiologically, nothing happened!
My heart remained calm, and thus, my mind followed. I find this calmness effecting all aspects of my life—stress is greatly minimized, and former worries just don’t pack the same punch.
Clients often comment how much they “needed this” after a float—a sentiment evident in the visible refresh seen on each smiling face that leaves True REST. It’s true, we do need this balance in our hectic, over-stimulated lives.
We tend to give so much of our time to activity, accomplishing and achieving—can’t we regularly carve our an hour to restore ourselves?
It doesn’t get any more efficient than a Float, which allows you to enter a level of relaxation typically only accessed in deep, practiced states of meditation.
A float is valuable; as with any amenity in our lives, the richness and benefit it adds to our life is a large contributor to it’s worth. What are feeling better, experiencing less pain and minimized stress worth to you?
If you haven’t floated yet, we’re excited to welcome you for your first session—give it a try; give it a few tries, get comfortable. Floating’s effects are cumulative: the more you float the better it gets! See how floating impacts you; we’re confident it will.
If it’s been awhile since you’ve floated—consider this a reminder that and your health are always worth it! We look forward to welcoming you back to True REST soon.
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