Celebrate International Creativity Month with Float Therapy

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January, the month we usually associate with setting our personal and professional goals for the year, is also International Creativity Month.  Burnout and mental fatigue are at an all-time high after all the hardships we’ve faced during the past year. Before we set our goals for the year ahead, we must take the time to allow our brains to reset.  An hour-long float in a True REST Float Pod can help you find that rest while also enhancing your creativity, learning and memory.

The Importance of Downtime

Have you ever noticed that your best ideas come to you in the shower, while you’re at the gym or unwinding with friends? That’s because our brains are wired to notice and react to change. Continued focus on a particular task or train of thought can hinder performance.

It may seem counterintuitive, but taking a break is the best way to improve your output.

David Burkus of the Harvard Business Review explains, “When you work on a problem continuously, you can become fixated on previous solutions…taking a break from the problem and focusing on something else entirely gives the mind some time to release its fixation on the same solutions and let the old pathways fade from memory. Then, when you return to the original problem, your mind is more open to new possibilities – eureka moments.”

Theta Wave State Creates Eureka Moments

Those eureka moments are unlocked when our brain is in the theta wave state. Float therapy is the best way to access the theta wave state associated with deep relaxation and meditation. In this state, the mind is more open to suggestion, and creative thoughts flow more freely. Neurological researchers have found that we think better, problem-solve better and feel better overall after our brain has experienced time in the theta wave state.

Float Therapy is a Structured Downtime

It’s important to be as intentional about your downtime as you are about checking items off your daily to-do list. A membership to True REST Float Spa is the perfect way to ensure you are making time to restore your body and mind. As our name suggests, float therapy is a pure form of REST, or reduced external stimulus therapy. Inside a True REST Float Pod, all external stimuli are shut out, enabling the body and the brain to find the restoration it needs.

Improved Sleep Means Improved Performance

Float therapy also helps to promote creativity by improving sleep. Sleep is critically important in developing long-lasting memories. One of the many health benefits of float therapy is improving sleep patterns for those who suffer from disrupted sleep and insomnia.

Discovering Mindfulness in a Float Pod

We’ve all heard about how great meditation is for mental health, and especially for improving concentration. However, it can be tough to know how to start meditation if you’ve never tried it before. When all external stimuli are reduced, it becomes easy to focus on your breathing. True REST Float Spa also has a variety of intentional music programs that enhance the impact of your float therapy session. Each float therapy appointment is customized to your unique needs and comfort level.

Whether you’re a student, a working professional, a stay-at-home parent or a burgeoning entrepreneur, schedule a float therapy session at True REST Float Spa and start your year off right with improved focus and creativity.

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